About us

Tai Tam Tuk Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2012 based in Tai Tam Tuk Village, Hong Kong.  The Foundation is a project in local community building to reconnect people with the natural environment, heritage and history of this outstanding area of Hong Kong.

We do this through supporting education, research and knowledge sharing, working with partner institutions, to facilitate positive community involvement and civic action.

Eco Education Centre

Located between Tai Tam Bay and Tai Tam Country Park, our Eco Education Centre offers learning programmes inspired by Tai Tam Tuk and its surroundings for students of all ages in Hong Kong.  Our current courses are about Biodiversity, Water and Us, Life of a Plant.  One of our next courses will investigate marine plastic debris.

All our courses are designed as onsite field study workshops.  We also design outreach versions of our courses to bring the experience into schools.

We work with local and international primary and secondary schools, vocational and university students and our courses can be adapted for any age group.

Educational approach

We believe that education should inspire and provide a lifelong desire and enthusiasm for learning.  Our Centre applies an integrated approach to learning using content, local environment and hands on experience.

We support and promote Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and our courses are based on ESD principles.

We work with teacher training programmes and interns at secondary schools and universities.

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