WWF Coastal Watch「育養海岸」活動- 20 Mar 2016 (Sunday)

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coastal watch

在BioBlitz「生態速查」後,有不少朋友表示有興趣在大潭紅樹林參與野外考察。現在誠邀您參與我們在2016年舉辦的第一個公民科學(Citizen Science)活動-Coastal Watch「育養海岸」,內容包括生態及海洋垃圾調查+清理行動+BBQ


招募對象: 修讀相關環境保護學科或對此議題有興趣的大專學生(包括IVE、各大學或院校學生)
名額:   25位
日期:   2016年3月20日(日)
時間:   11:30 -16:30
(11:30-14:00 生態及海洋垃圾調查+清理行動, 可參考3月天文台潮汐預報, 橫瀾島潮汐低於1.5m)
(14:00-16:30 BBQ)
地點:   大潭SSSI具特殊科學價值地點+ 大潭篤生態教育中心 ( 交通方法 )
內容:   紅樹林生態及海洋垃圾調查+清理行動+BBQ
備註:   當日會需要經過約20cm深的淺水,請穿著合適的衣物和水鞋
費用:   全免

報名方法: 請於2016年3月13(日)前,填妥網上報名表格(http://goo.gl/forms/HMi6xc67KB)我們會盡快通知您是否獲選參與活動,先到先得。
歡迎邀請身邊朋友參與!  如有任何問題,歡迎電郵(bel@taitamtuk.org)查詢。

After the BioBlitz, some friends told us you would like to spend time investigating the mangroves.  Please join our first citizen science event for 2016, Survey + Cleanup + BBQ at Tai Tam! 

WWF’s Coastal Watch programme is HK’s first large-scale citizen science survey providing the EPD/AFCD data on marine debris and biodiversity after the 2012 plastic pellet crisis.  In Season 1, 2014-15 600+ people surveyed 27 coastal areas throughout HK.  This site action focuses on the protected mangrove area in Tai Tam led by Team Scientist Maegen from  HKU SWIMS with sustainability experts from Green Council HK.

Target: Students studied environmental related field or students who feel interested in environmental issues
Quota: 25
Date: 20 Mar (Sun),2016
Time: 11:30 – 16:30
(11:30 -14:00 clean up + survey, tide lower than 1.5m, see March tide tables of Waglan Island)
(14:00 -16:30 BBQ)
Location:  Tai Tam SSSI + Tai Tam Tuk Eco Education Centre  (transportation)
Content: Mangrove scientific survey + cleanup + BBQ after
Remark: Please wear suitable boots and clothing as we will cross the stream and water level may reach 20cm or higher
Cost: FREE

Application: Please apply here (http://goo.gl/forms/HMi6xc67KB) to confirm your space by 13 Mar (Sun). First-come-first-served, friends welcome.  Looking forward to seeing you in the event!

Please free feel to contact us(bel@taitamtuk.org) if you have any questions.