UNESCO-HK ESD Learning Programme 2013/14

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November 2013 Workshop – For the 2nd year running we are a parter of UNESCO-HK’s ESD Learning Programme 2013/14, offering workshops on Biodiversity and Water and Us, with new and updated activities.


Our organization supports the tireless endeavours of UNESCO HK Association who strives for the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development, World Peace, and other youth empowerment and capacity building programmes and activities for a more sustainable and brighter future of HK. In 2013, we were delighted to be able to offer two workshops for their programme of 300+ students. Students choose their programs under different themes of sustainable development, of which, our organization has been able to support two of them – environment, and built environment.

In the workshop of Water and Us, we were delighted to be able to work with students in understanding the infrastructure of water supply and sewage treatment in the microcosm of the Tai Tam area. From history and urban development to our current day challenges, students learnt from the perspectives of sciences and humanities to understand the complexity of sustainable development.

In the workshop of Biodiversity and Tai Tam Tuk, we were privileged to be able to introduce students to the unique environment of Tai Tam Tuk that is abundant with mangroves and living organisms in the intertidal zone. Students learnt about the ecological uniqueness of the area and then experienced it through activities that facilitate discovery and inquisition. Students assumed the role of scientists to investigate the area on salinity and on exposed shore areas for living organisms and their role in the greater ecological system.

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