Hiking trail – Tai Tam Waterworks

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Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail (WSD Guide / Hong Kong Extras Guide) – 5km / 2 hrs / Easy

Opened in 2009 and one of Hong Kong’s newest trails, this 5km walk covers 21 historic Grade I & II listed buildings and monuments through Tai Tam Country Park.

To do the full walk start at the entrance of Tai Tam Country Park at Hong Kong Parkview where you can pick up a picnic at ParknShop. Walk around 15 minutes downhill to reach Tai Tam Family Walk – 1.6km / 1hr / Moderate – which will take you to the beginning of the Heritage Trail, or there is a paved road. The Heritage Trail is well-paved downhill or flat with lush views of the waterworks structures. There are numerous BBQ sites with one of the best overlooking Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir.

Carry on for an easy flat 30 mins to reach Tai Tam Road where you will find toilets, drinks vending machines and buses to Stanley or Chai Wan. Cross over to Tai Tam Reservoir Road to the last part of the Heritage Trail walking downhill to Tai Tam Bay and taking a left into historic Tai Tam Tuk Village. On weekends you will find Happy Store open with drinks and snacks. Walk to the end of the village for the last stop Tai Tam Tuk Dam which is a popular spot for wedding photos.

Crossing the front of the dam there are stairs on the left leading back up to Tai Tam Road, or walk back through the village where there may be a stray taxi from dropping off wakeboarders.