Green Politics talk- St Bonaventure Primary School

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9 January 2015 / We were invited to St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School, Diamond Hill in Kowloon to give an interactive talk on “Green Politics- Do you have the will to power?”

This talk was developed by our Education Associate Director Dr Vickie Yau for UNESCO Hong Kong Association’s Fostering Global Citizenship Youth Programme 2014-15.

Climate change and globalisation are themes in the Liberal Studies curriculum and this talk goes beyond the basics to engage students in controversies and challenges, and our role and power to make a difference.

Over the 1 hour session, 100 Year 4 students were challenged to think about sustainable and unsustainable aspects of their daily lives such as water, clothing, food and to discuss and present solutions.

Afterwards we were privileged to be shown around the school by Principal Ada Cheung showcasing the students’ urban rooftop farming, green roofs, green walls, gardens, wind turbines, the citrus cleaner composting wall and more. St. Bonaventure was one of the first primary schools to achieve the Hong Kong Green School Award.

Photo 9-1-15 2 32 13 pm

Photo 9-1-15 2 20 58 pm

Photo 9-1-15 2 31 37 pm

Photo 9-1-15 2 48 26 pm

Photo 9-1-15 2 56 21 pm

Photo 15-1-15 2 45 41 pm

TTT joins Wetland Link International

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Tai Tam Tuk Eco Education Centre has become the newest member of Wetland Link International!

We are Hong Kong’s third member, after Mai Po Wildlife Education Centre and Nature Reserve, and Hong Kong Wetland Park. Read our WLI profile here (Chinese version here).

What is WLI?
The Wetland Link International (WLI- pronounced ‘wellie’) programme is a global network of more than 350 wetland education centres, first set up in 1991. WLI is endorsed by the RAMSAR Convention and coordinated by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) UK.

WLI was created to help organisations and governments develop CEPA (Communication, Education and Public Awareness) at wetland sites through wetland education centres.

What is a wetland education centre?
They bring people and wildlife together for the benefit of both.

They offer numerous opportunities for CEPA activities, formal (schools, universities) and non-formal (general public) learning.

They can be visitor facilities on wetland sites, environmental education centres, field study centres, zoos, museums, community-based projects and programmes.

Cultural heritage is also a feature of wetland education centres.

As WLI members we will work towards promoting wetland CEPA under RAMSAR, and support members running and establishing wetland education centres worldwide.

What is RAMSAR?
The RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands is an intergovernmental treaty dating from 1971 now signed by more than 160 countries, for the conservation and wise use of wetlands.

Designated RAMSAR sites are wetlands of international importance which governments have agreed to protect and ensure their effective management. China has designated 46 RAMSAR sites including Mai Po Marshes and Inner Deep Bay in Hong Kong.

For more information see

WLI logo

Ramsar logo 1

WWT logo

TTT & Utahloy International School won GOLD in Greenest Team for the Coastal Clean-up

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One of the activities during the camp at Pak Lap was a beach cleanup.  Over the course of 3 days, each student team of about 11 students and 3 staff spent 1 hour picking up trash and about 2 hours sorting and accounting for all the items.

We are proud to be part of the HK Cleanup Challenge among 418 teams and 51,064 participants. Our team collected a modest 290 KGS of trash, which is a very small fraction of the total collected by all the participants, a shocking 3,894,000 KGS in 2014.

The Greenest Team Award is awarded to the team who have recycled the largest amount of items.

Our team recycled 811 plastic bottles, 25 glass jars/bottles, and 18 aluminum cans.

Photos of the award ceremony can be viewed here.

Information on the HK Cleanup can be found here.

HKCleanup 2014 award

TTT @ Utahloy International School: Pak Lap Camp

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(13-17 October 2014) By Vickie

It was the “week without walls” at Utahloy International School, Zengcheng. Grade 7 and 8 of the school totalling 33 students and 5 staff came to Pak Lap in Sai Kung Hong Kong to do an environmental camp on Trash!

The group was divided into 3 teams rotating between (a) Beach clean-up and hiking, (b) Kayaking, and (c) Abseiling and Raft Building that aim to foster teamwork, leadership skills and service to the community that are some of the key pillars of an IB program.

We were involved for the Beach clean-up activity and we adopted the methodology by Hong Kong Clean-up to contribute to the Trash Report 2014. In total, we cleaned up 290kg of debris that was washed up on the beach at Pak Lap Tsai (22.352769, 114.363797).

In total, we had 42 members working in 3 groups over 3 days, 1 hour of cleaning per day, and about 1.5 to 2 hours of sorting each day. We picked up 811 plastic bottles, 2003 plastic bottle cap, about 5 garbage bags of styrofoam, glass that can fill 2 fruit boxes in the market, 354 straws, 144 disposable utensils, 74 cigarette lighters and about 40KGS of rope and net. The most peculiar item found during the clean up was 127 shoe or sole of a shoe.

The school is committed to a sustainable campus and aims toward a minimal waste campus. Everything is recycled and all food waste go into compost that feed their organic farm. The campus is built within a botanical garden that is managed by a very passionate cultivator of trees and shrubs. Some of the trees on the campus were relocated from the areas that were displaced by the building of the Three Gorges Dam.


PakLap2014_1 (Medium)

PakLap2014_2 (Medium)

PakLap2014_3 (Medium)

PakLap2014_4 (Medium)

PakLap2014_5 (Medium)

PakLap2014_6 (Medium)

TTT x WWF Coastal Watch: Tai Tam survey

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6 September 2014 / On Saturday 6 September, TTT and Green Council Hong Kong are surveying Tai Tam for Coastal Watch, a new Hong Kong-wide citizen science programme.

Coastal Watch is an ecological survey and coastal cleanup programme organised by WWF-HK with six strategic partners and supported by the Hong Kong Government.

Over 800 volunteers have already signed up to help scientists collect data on 27 sites above and below water!

The partners came together in July 2012 to lead the cleanup from Hong Kong’s biggest plastic spill, when 150 tonnes of “nurdles” fell off a container ship during Typhoon Vicente and began washing up on beaches 48 hours later.

The aim is long-term data collection using consistent methodology, shared with the public, government and NGOs, to mobilise public awareness and develop effective marine conservation policies.

We have created this new iSpot Project as a pilot to confirm species surveyed in Tai Tam.


CoW- Tai Tam (3)










ID CoW TTT mudskipper2

ID CoW TTT crab4

ID CoW TTT burrows

ID CoW TTT clam1c

ID CoW TTT crab2

UNDESD Student Summer Institute 2014

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(12-16 August 2014) Summer ESD with UNESCO-HK and Utahloy International School at Pak Lap, Sai Kung

Over one week, students from an international school in Guangdong Province and local schools from Hong Kong came together for a summer learning program on sustainability. Our Foundation was involved in the first couple of days in Hong Kong and provided a workshop and ongoing discussion on water supply, environment, and civilization.

Although we had a lot of rain over the couple of days, students participated in an enthusiastic manner as it was a rare opportunity to learning in a world class geo park in Hong Kong.

More photos

ESD Summer Institute 2014 (3)

TTT x RHKYC: LCSD Sport for All Day 2014

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(3 August 2014) RHKYC Sport for All Day

Annually, LCSD has a Sports-for-all day where all government facilities are free to access for all members. RHKYC Foundation sponsored and offered their facilities to embrace the same mission with the government of Hong Kong. As a result, we had 32 students from underprivileged community groups in a full-day event. In the morning, we had students try out on the dragon boats that have significant meaning in Chinese culture. In the afternoon, we and students try sailing on J80 to catch wind behind our sails.

We were involved this year to provide support on logistics and in student management.


TTT x Amity Foundation: Walk for Living Water 2014 Prize Workshop

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5 July 2014 Workshop and tour of Tai Tam Tuk Raw Water Pumping Station

This our second year in support of Amity Foundation’s Walk for Living Water. Walk for Living Water is a fundraiser and walkathon that imitates the hardship of those living in rural China who has to carry a large load of water due to a lack of access to freshwater. The fundraiser aims to raise money to install access to groundwater supply for the rural community. It has been a true pleasure to offer an educational workshop for the winning participants so that they may learn about the realities we face in Hong Kong with regard to our water.

Amity Workshop 2014_1

Amity Workshop 2014_2

Amity Workshop 2014_3

More photos here