JCEIA Annual Conference 2015

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24 January 2015 / We attended the annual conference organised by Joint College Environmental Innovation Alliance (JCEIA) about municipal solid waste.

JCEIA are a group of students and graduates of environmental related subjects who believe they can and should do something to make the world better, and they regularly act on this- from organising conferences for information and ideas exchange, to innovative street action such as their Bag Back campaign reducing use of plastic shopping bags, one shopper at a time!

The waste conference was a fantastic event with a full house and fascinating presentations from Government, NGOs and corporates. See programme here. Did you know that in Hong Kong:

-we recycle 50% of our MSW, which is comparable to Berlin? (unfortunately the rest is landfilled, unlike Berlin where it is converted into energy)
-we are among only two airports worldwide that uses seawater for flushing?
-we throw away 1.36kg of MSW per person per day, 40% of which is food waste? And that the Government has pledged a $1bn recycling fund to promote innovation in this sector.

All showing us that Hong Kong is doing surprisingly well, but we can do better and there is huge potential for innovation and growth in this sector. Environmental graduates take note!

**JCEIA were clear that this was to be a waste-free event and to their credit all but a few of the 400-plus participants brought their own mug!

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