Green Politics talk- St Bonaventure Primary School

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9 January 2015 / We were invited to St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School, Diamond Hill in Kowloon to give an interactive talk on “Green Politics- Do you have the will to power?”

This talk was developed by our Education Associate Director Dr Vickie Yau for UNESCO Hong Kong Association’s Fostering Global Citizenship Youth Programme 2014-15.

Climate change and globalisation are themes in the Liberal Studies curriculum and this talk goes beyond the basics to engage students in controversies and challenges, and our role and power to make a difference.

Over the 1 hour session, 100 Year 4 students were challenged to think about sustainable and unsustainable aspects of their daily lives such as water, clothing, food and to discuss and present solutions.

Afterwards we were privileged to be shown around the school by Principal Ada Cheung showcasing the students’ urban rooftop farming, green roofs, green walls, gardens, wind turbines, the citrus cleaner composting wall and more. St. Bonaventure was one of the first primary schools to achieve the Hong Kong Green School Award.

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