HKBioBlitz: Preliminary results

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25 October 2015 / Thank you everyone for a fantastic first HKBioBlitz!
Just to recap, we had students from many different local and international schools help out with the sampling on Saturday with experts from many different local institutions and organisations.
The experts continued during the night and ended at 4pm yesterday afternoon at Tai Tam Tuk. Highlights of the find included 2 species of moth that are extremely rare yet native to only Hong Kong, the first record of coral in Tai Tam Bay and the first official record of juvenile horseshoe crabs in Tai Tam mangrove.
Preliminary results show the following was identified in 30 hours:
Coral: 21 species
Birds: 32 species
Polychaetes: 17 species
Small mammals: 6 species
Fish: 19 species
Moths: 104 species
Other insects: 67 species
Spiders: 25 species
Molluscs: 49 species
Other invertebrates (inc. crustaceans) 61 species
Vascular plants: 170 species
Lichens & Fungi: 5 species
Total: 578 species
Stay tuned for updates!
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