Water and Us

Where does Hong Kong’s fresh water come from?  Why did we need to build the Tai Tam Waterworks 150 years ago?  Could Hong Kong really run out of fresh water?  How has Hong Kong overcome its water risks in the past, and how will we secure our water supply in the future?

This half-day workshop engages students to appreciate the scarcity and risks of fresh water in Hong Kong.  Students will learn about the history of reservoirs and water supply in Hong Kong leading to today’s infrastructure and problems we face.  Field activities include exploring some of the 22 heritage monuments comprising the Tai Tam Reservoir Group on our doorstep.  Classroom activities include problem-solving group work and team presentations.  Students will learn and share ideas about actions at the personal, community, national and global levels.  This programme has the generous support of the Water Supplies Department.

Biodiversity of Tai Tam Tuk

What is so special about the habitat of Tai Tam?  What animals and plants can we find here and why are they interesting?  Does Hong Kong really have significant biodiversity?  Why should Hong Kong care about biodiversity and what is the Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan (BSAP)?  How might we achieve sustainable development and biodiversity?

This half-day workshop explores biodiversity in Hong Kong and the special case of Tai Tam Tuk, from its habitats for butterflies and birds, last remaining mangrove forest on Hong Kong island, intertidal zone and the ocean beyond.  Field activities include surveys of animals and plants requiring students’ observation and analytical skills.  Classroom activities include problem-solving group work and team presentations.  Students will learn about the BSAP and contribute their vision of Hong Kong’s biodiversity to the governmental consultation process.  This programme is conducted in collaboration with the Swire Institute of Marine Science of the University of Hong Kong.

Life of a Plant

What makes a plant?  What challenges does a plant face, and how can these relate to our own lives?

This half-day workshop aimed at younger students explores the world of plants through observation, touch and stories of origin, ways of survival and evolution, challenges faced by urban development, and ideas of independence and codependency in biodiversity. Students engage in artistic and creative activities to develop their expressions and relate concepts from the life of plants to human life, family, society and nature.


Water and Us: Our Privileges and Responsibilities – A multi-media talk on the situation of water supply in Hong Kong, our risks and future.

Ocean is our Backyard – A talk on biodiversity of Hong Kong, wellbeing of the ocean and its importance to our lives.

Using a quadrat

Using a quadrat

Uca lactea

Uca lactea / Milky fiddler crab

Kandelia obovata / Mangroves

Kandelia obovata / Mangroves

Talk at St Michael's Primary School, Chai Wan

At St Michael’s Primary School, Chai Wan