BioBlitz in China – 7th Shanghai BioBlitz

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We are excited to know that the 7th Shanghai BioBlitz was held in Oct, 2015. It attracted 180 students with the help of 20 experts. It might be fun to organize a BioBlitz competition among Hong Kong, Shanghai and even more places in China like Beijing, Sichuan or Yunan to see who might find the highest number of species!

“2015 BioBlitz for Shanghai Teenagers” attracted 180  teachers, students and parent representatives from primary and secondary schools of 9 districts and counties around Shanghai.

Guided by 20 experts of plants, birds, insects and aquatic life, participants were divided into four groups respectively in the four aspects to seek and identify biodiversity in the quasi-wetland. This wetland located along the Ecological Corridor of New Jiangwan Town, right to the opposite of Fu Dan Science Park Primary School.

Some information of Shanghai BioBlitz is shown as follows:

Co-hosted by:

- Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Association

- Shanghai Education Center of Science and Art

Co-operated by:

- Yangpu District Teenagers Science and Technology Station

- Fu Dan Science Park Primary School

Experts from:

- Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

- East China Normal University

- Shanghai Society for Entomology

- Shanghai Wildlife Conservation and Management Station

- School of Life Sciences of East China Normal University

- Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Association

- Yangpu District Teenagers Science and Technology Station




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