TTT x WWF Coastal Watch: Tai Tam survey

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6 September 2014 / On Saturday 6 September, TTT and Green Council Hong Kong are surveying Tai Tam for Coastal Watch, a new Hong Kong-wide citizen science programme.

Coastal Watch is an ecological survey and coastal cleanup programme organised by WWF-HK with six strategic partners and supported by the Hong Kong Government.

Over 800 volunteers have already signed up to help scientists collect data on 27 sites above and below water!

The partners came together in July 2012 to lead the cleanup from Hong Kong’s biggest plastic spill, when 150 tonnes of “nurdles” fell off a container ship during Typhoon Vicente and began washing up on beaches 48 hours later.

The aim is long-term data collection using consistent methodology, shared with the public, government and NGOs, to mobilise public awareness and develop effective marine conservation policies.

We have created this new iSpot Project as a pilot to confirm species surveyed in Tai Tam.


CoW- Tai Tam (3)










ID CoW TTT mudskipper2

ID CoW TTT crab4

ID CoW TTT burrows

ID CoW TTT clam1c

ID CoW TTT crab2

TTT x The Harbour School: Post-trip mangrove workshop

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(26 June 2014) Back in March 2014, a group of students from The Habour School came to Tai Tam to learn about 3 aspects the area offered (a) mangroves and intertidal zone, (b) culture, (c) navigation and orienteering. After their trip to Myanmar in April, a student and parent of THS requested a follow-up session on mangroves and intertidal zone since the student was on the team to learn navigation and orienteering in March. The two came to Tai Tam and coincidentally, our interns from Eckerd College were also present to conduct field survey. The student had a chance to participate and learn some of the scientific methods being used.

TTT x HKU Environmental Life Science Society: BSAP Student Workshop

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TTT and The University of Hong Kong’s Environmental Life Science Society present a Secondary Student Workshop on Hong Kong’s Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

Have you heard of “biodiversity”?
Why is biodiversity important to our lives?
Come join our workshop on 26 April to explore Hong Kong island’s last mangrove forest at Tai Tam.
Let’s discover what nature really means to us!


Big thank you to ELSS and student participants for a fantastic workshop on Saturday! Full report to follow.
Check IDs of what we saw at iSpot‘s new Hong Kong community page.

Classroom 1

Field survey briefing

BSAP presentation

Walking over

Prof Williams with students

By the water

Bubble alga

Stripey mangrove barnacles

Milky fiddler crab

Bulbulcus ibis

Closer look at local wildlife

Photographing specimen

Back in classroom

Small group discussions

Group photo

TTT x The Harbour School: Pre-trip mangrove workshop

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Over 17-19 March our Education Associate Director Vickie Yau joined with Hong Kong Explorers Initiative’s Laurel Chor, guiding students and teachers from The Harbour School to discover biodiversity in HK island’s last mangrove stand.  All in our backyard!

Students learned about the biology and natural history of Tai Tam Harbour (Inner Bay), then went onsite to see for themselves during the week’s afternoon low tides.  Did you know that this was one of HK’s first designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest back in 1975?

We learned to identify local species of mangroves (Kandelia obovata) and mudskippers (Periophthalmus cantonensis) and discovered some mystery mangrove slugs by following their trails!

More to follow.

THS Workshop 18Mar2014_1

THS Workshop 18Mar2014_2

Educational resources for HK’s first Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

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Happy Chinese New Year!

In the Year of the Horse our focus will be on Biodiversity education and awareness.  Did you know that in 2014 HK will finish drafting its first Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP)?

HK’s BSAP is due in 2015 under the international Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), signed by a record 193 countries at the time, to stop the global loss of plants, animals and habitat that support all life on earth.

Since early last year we have joined a diverse group of NGOs, universities, businesses and industries, to help the government formulate HK’s future biodiversity strategy and fulfil its obligations under the CBD.  With feedback due in June, we are all working hard doing research and testing initiatives, to provide practical, actionable and effective recommendations.

The next stage in helping the BSAP succeed is making biodiversity values visible and mainstream for HK people.  To do this we have joined a broad informal alliance of scientists and NGOs to form Hong Kong Biodiversity Action- with shared goals of helping HK people of all walks of life understand the benefits and services provided by nature, and supporting the government’s conservation efforts.  So when the BSAP is ready for action next year, everyone will want to join in!

For Tai Tam Tuk Eco Education Centre, supporting HK’s BSAP means helping students and schools understand its background and aims.  So we have designed a set of 20 slides for students, teachers and schools, to give a 10 minute presentation about the BSAP (yes, it is possible!).

The slides are supported by detailed notes so that anyone can understand this ambitious global convention, why HK is getting involved and what you as an individual can do.

Participants of our UNESCO-HK ESD 2013/14 Environment workshop received the first run of the slides, with broader delivery to partner schools over 2014 in progress.

Why not give it a go and tell us what you think.  After all, how better to learn than by learning to teach others?

Get in touch if you would like to find out more, and join us to spread the word in your school and community!

Learn more about the BSAP from the AFCD’s BSAP webpages.


19 Feb 2014 / We’ve updated the slides with new graphics, and added a “Pechakucha“ version- with less text for snappy delivery, designed to be given in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, with 20 seconds for each slide.  Timed script coming soon! 

20x20 BSAP Slides_Short_Icon

20x20 BSAP Slides_Long_Icon

20x20 HK BSAP Presentation_Long_Notes_Icon

TTT x UNESCO-HK ESD 2013/14: Biodiversity Workshop

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23 November 2013 / Students and teachers from Shatin Methodist College, CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School, Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School and St Paul’s Secondary School joined us at the Eco Education Centre for a workshop on Biodiversity of Tai Tam Tuk.

This was our second workshop hosted in a series organised by UNESCO-HK’s Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Learning Programme 2013/14 under the Environment theme, with this year’s focus: “Preserve the environment for sustainable development”.

We structured the workshop to facilitate learning about the rich biodiversity of HK’s diverse ecosystems, but also to explore the relationship between conservation and sustainable development.  What is the value of protecting biodiversity?  How have international conventions decided to manage global biodiversity?  What is HK doing about it?  What can we all do about it- starting locally?

The session was led by TTT’s Vickie Yau collaborating with Dr Terence Ng, a post-doctoral fellow at The Swire Institute of Marine Science, University of HK, in neighbouring Cape D’Aguilar.

Dr Ng received his PhD in marine science in 2013.  His research focuses on the poorly understood sexual selection strategies of marine snails.  Students were lucky to watch Dr Ng’s footage of the snails in action!

Students learned about the environmental science of intertidal ecology of HK and the Tai Tam Tuk mangroves, and received practical guidance on identifying common local mangroves and associated fauna such as mudskippers and Buddhist crabs.  Jenna Ho Marris, one of our founders, gave a short presentation about HK’s first Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, which is due in 2015.

Students were then guided to conduct independent field studies of the physical and biological features of the exposed intertidal zone by the Eco Education Centre.  Vickie closed the session with a reminder about plastic marine debris and its impact on biodiversity.

Thanks to Dr Terence Ng and SWIMS for their support, and to volunteers Ken Wong, Maggie Yu and Law Shun Hei of the City University Photographic Society.

Learn more about Terence’s work, watch his winning presentation at the Three Minute Thesis Competition 2012 here.

More photos from the workshop can be accessed at UNESCO-HK’s online album.

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 157

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 075

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 051

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 076

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 001

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 024

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 118

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 125

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 060

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 121

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 008

TTT ESD 2013-Biodiversity 099

UNESCO-HK ESD Learning Programme 2013/14

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November 2013 Workshop – For the 2nd year running we are a parter of UNESCO-HK’s ESD Learning Programme 2013/14, offering workshops on Biodiversity and Water and Us, with new and updated activities.


Our organization supports the tireless endeavours of UNESCO HK Association who strives for the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development, World Peace, and other youth empowerment and capacity building programmes and activities for a more sustainable and brighter future of HK. In 2013, we were delighted to be able to offer two workshops for their programme of 300+ students. Students choose their programs under different themes of sustainable development, of which, our organization has been able to support two of them – environment, and built environment.

In the workshop of Water and Us, we were delighted to be able to work with students in understanding the infrastructure of water supply and sewage treatment in the microcosm of the Tai Tam area. From history and urban development to our current day challenges, students learnt from the perspectives of sciences and humanities to understand the complexity of sustainable development.

In the workshop of Biodiversity and Tai Tam Tuk, we were privileged to be able to introduce students to the unique environment of Tai Tam Tuk that is abundant with mangroves and living organisms in the intertidal zone. Students learnt about the ecological uniqueness of the area and then experienced it through activities that facilitate discovery and inquisition. Students assumed the role of scientists to investigate the area on salinity and on exposed shore areas for living organisms and their role in the greater ecological system.

More photos

TTT x RHKYC: LCSD Sport for All Day 2013

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As part of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong’s Sport For All Day 2013, we are joining RHKYC Charity Foundation in a full day of water sports and activities for Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School and Shau Kei Wan West Government Secondary School, and to talk about Marine Biodiversity of Hong Kong.


This event was wonderful. Check the RHKYC pictures here.

Dragonboat 3