TTT & Utahloy International School won GOLD in Greenest Team for the Coastal Clean-up

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One of the activities during the camp at Pak Lap was a beach cleanup.  Over the course of 3 days, each student team of about 11 students and 3 staff spent 1 hour picking up trash and about 2 hours sorting and accounting for all the items.

We are proud to be part of the HK Cleanup Challenge among 418 teams and 51,064 participants. Our team collected a modest 290 KGS of trash, which is a very small fraction of the total collected by all the participants, a shocking 3,894,000 KGS in 2014.

The Greenest Team Award is awarded to the team who have recycled the largest amount of items.

Our team recycled 811 plastic bottles, 25 glass jars/bottles, and 18 aluminum cans.

Photos of the award ceremony can be viewed here.

Information on the HK Cleanup can be found here.

HKCleanup 2014 award